Neonatal Clinic

This Neonatal Course is designed to be comprehensive with hands-on experience for a trouble free goat kidding season.  When you complete this course you will be armed with everything you need to make your kidding season and future kidding seasons easy, profitable and with fewer losses.

The course deals with anatomy, prepregnancy planning, parturition events, hands-on deliveries, post kidding and problems that could arise.  The issues dealt with during the course will enable you, the producer,  to be able to recognize problems, have the confidence and knowledge on how to deal with them effectively, what medicines to use, and how to make your kidding season the smoothest ever.  The expense of the course will more than pay for itself if it teaches you to save one goat kid or mother.

The day long event will take place here at the farm … we have tentatively decided on a Saturday in November, 2012.  The exact date will be decided soon.  The class will be limited to fifteen participants, so it is advisable to sign up as soon as possible.  Contact us for further information.  The cost is $375 includes all materials, a light breakfast and a catered lunch.  The morning session will be classroom studies and after lunch the hands-on portion begins.


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