Our Farm

Welcome to Windy Hill Farm.  Windy Hill Farm is a small farm owned and operated by the Langley Family – Billy, Judy, and Jay.  The property has been in the family for over a half century.  The farm is located on the Saluda River in the southern portion of Greenville,South Carolina.  Our land consists of open fields, wooded pastures and wetlands.  Nestled strategically in the foothills of SC, our homestead is home to numerous animals such as Boer, Nubian, Myotonic and Alpine goats, Black Angus cattle, chickens, guineas, Royal Palm Turkeys, as well as several breeds of dogs.  We also grow summer vegetables, flowers and landscape plants for personal use and retail sale.

We share our ideas and farm knowledge with friends and colleagues to:

  1. Educate producers on better animal husbandry
  2. Provide fun ideas for our youth
  3. Provide seasonal produce
  4.  Breed the best characteristics into our animals
  5.  Make available unique designs and creations at affordable prices – including jewelry and unique animal inspired objects.

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